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Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot

Kitchen Altitude

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Main Features


Quick separation of hot oil or boiling water. When dumping, the broth flows out of the small hole. Grease is separated from the upper layer to effect separation of water and oil. It can effectively filter out the excess oil so that you can eat more healthily.


The stainless steel handle is comfortable for handling without getting too close to the heat. dishwasher safe and easy to clean to reuse. A hole in the Heat-Resistant Round handle allows for easy storage and space-saving.


The hot pot skimmer is made of durable 304 stainless steel, No-BPA, safety, and healthy metal .thickened structure which is heavy duty and lasts a long life without any corrosion, strong and well made.


Easy skimming grease from soup, stock, and gravy. Perfect for your favorite french fries, hot pot, sauces, gravies and vegetables, meat, wonton, etc. The skimmer is an absolutely necessary tool for anyone who loves to cook and to eat healthily.