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Refillable Pods For Vertuo Next ENV150 Vertuoline Plus

Kitchen Altitude

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  • Perfect Helper for Refilling Coffee Pods: Specially designed for Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Next ENV150 Vertuoline Plus, provides convenience and high efficiency for your coffee life.
  • Return to Convenient Pods: Each pod is quick to make(in seconds) and we can make a bunch in your free time. Free yourself from refill stainless steel coffee pods when you want to drink coffee but don't want to refill it. And it keeps vertuo pods distinguish coffees of different strengths and flavors, which stainless steel pods cannot provide.
  • Easy to Install: Remove the old foil lids for Pods and put it into the holder. Then replace the new foil lid with the little tab. And please depress the outside edge of the foil with the end of the brush for its best sealing performance.
  • Environmental Friendly & Save Money: Foil seals lid for reusable Nespresso Vertuo pods is made of premium quality foil material, which won’t ever rip during brewing. To reduce waste in the process aims to environmentally friendly and save your money.
  • No Messy & Efficient: The round wood holder has an ergonomic shape and suits to hold Nespresso Vertuo Next ENV150 Vertuoline Plus, which can help with refilling Vertuoline pods and cover AIEVE aluminum foil lids quickly but no messy. (Note: Nespresso Vertuoline Capsules are not included)


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