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Professional Serbian Boning Knife

Kitchen Altitude

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Meet your new favorite cooking knife! Hand-forged by professional blacksmiths of high-quality steel, perfect blade for all your indoor and outdoor cooking needs!

Product features: [Indoor-kitchen work]Serbian Chef Knife knife is multi-purpose, whether you trim bricks, whip legs, skin or break the entire chicken, or even separate the ribs from the cowhide. Curved contours can be accurately separated. Very sharp, suitable for kitchen and outdoor barbecue.


[Soft leather sheath for outdoor use]It is well protected and can be hung on your belt. If you need to carry it with you, even in the wild (or caravan park) you like to eat well, this sturdy knife is very suitable for barbecues, fishing, hunting, camping, survival, and outdoor barbecue activities.


[Super Sharp]The hardness of the arc blade is 58 HRC, which means that the slicing blade is hard and has excellent edge retention, rust, and corrosion resistance. You can easily use different sharpening tools to sharpen it after long-term use.


[ERGONOMIC DESIGN]The handle of the knife designed by artificial science. Every curve and angle of the handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and ambidextrous hold. Small and flexible blade。 The shape of the blade also brings you minimal slicing resistance. This minimizes the risk of accidents during their use.



PRODUCT SIZE: 28 x 5 x 0.5 cm

MATERIAL: stainless steel

BLADE LENGTH: 5.5 inches


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