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Portable Dog Training Bags

Kitchen Altitude

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This 2 in 1 activity snack bag is made from durable polyester, which is easy to wipe clean. 
A sturdy ring insert makes taking out snacks quick and easy. The bag features a clip and a loop for attaching to a belt and also has an extra pocket with a fastening D-ring for attaching a dog whistle.
  • The convenient drawstring securely holds in generous amounts of dog training treats, accessories, and dog toys.
  • With this dog treat bag, when you would like to go out for fun with your beloved dog, you don't need to worry about where to put your dog's toy and food anymore
  • simple to spot pet treats right when you need them. Perfect for dog training at the park!
  • Special adjustable strip design enables the inner bag to easy on and easies off, avoiding unintentionally spilling out

Specification: 12.5*12.5*8 cm
Color: Black+Grey
Feather: Dog training treat pouch