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Measuring Oil Control Bottle

Kitchen Altitude

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- Transparent body, convenient to identify the liquid and see the level, is the best container for oil, sauce, vinegar, win - The easy to use one-handed pressure pump allows you to measure the precise amount of oil in a teaspoon, tablespoon, and milliliter measurements. Our non-drip design will keep the bottle as clean as your kitchen - This oil dispenser can be used for oil, vinegar, soy sauce, creamer. Put the favorite herbs in the oil to create your own herb-infused oil - Dishwasher safe, wide opening is easy for hand wash Steps for usage: Press. After filling with liquid, pinch the silicone part with the thumb and index finger. Measurement. The liquid is sucked into the top measuring cup while pressing. According to the needs of your usage, master the number and intensity of presses to control how much fluid in the measuring cup. Tilt. Without opening the top cap, pour out the liquid in the measuring cup directly.