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Japanese Style Deep Frying Pot Temperature Control

Kitchen Altitude

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Japanese-style tempura fryer Stainless steel frypot Induction cooker Universal Mini flat-bottom fryer Controllable temperature.

In addition to being used for deep-frying food, this stainless steel pan can also be used for cooking food.

Make delicacies with heart, fry, and drain oil, the operation is more convenient.

It’s fried by myself, so it’s safer for kids.

Oil filter: reduce oil intake.

Thermometer: accurately grasp the oil temperature to make food more delicious.

Product parameters

Product name: frying pan with thermometer

Product material: high-quality stainless steel

Product process: mirror polishing

Functional use: meet daily home fried food.



✔ Easy to cook with a thermometer for Tempra or fried food

✔ To a crisp with deep fryer made of iron

✔ Dedicated to Tempra or fried food

✔ You can fry while checking the proper temperature with a thermometer.

✔ With a wire that can cut oil inside the pot lid

✔ Oil falls in the pot, so easy to clean