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Meals at work? School lunch for children? Picnic in the park? Camping? Save money and eat healthier by using your Tasty Lunch Box on any occasion!

 Made of stainless steel, the Tasty Box keeps your dishes hot or cold for several hours!

With our covers, your dishes warm even longer, so you can easily assemble and transport your lunch box.

 Adapt the containers according to your needs by taking one, two, or three boxes!

  The upper part in food plastic goes to the microwave to heat your dishes!

 Waterproof, it also allows you to carry liquids!

  Machine washable.

  Our modern design offers many storage possibilities in a portion for a healthy and balanced diet.

  Built to last: Made of stainless steel and food-grade plastic.

 Environmentally friendly: Washable and infinitely reusable to help reduce plastic waste.



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