Best Grill Pan to Buy in 2022

As many people start cooking more, they are taking notice in the variety of grills on the market. Along with this growing trend comes a lot of new terminology, some of which can be a little confusing to someone new to the industry. In this article, we explore what it means when people talk about grills and how you can figure out which grill to buy based on your cooking needs!

What is a grill pan and what do they do?

A grill pan is a flat cooking utensil, usually made of stainless steel, that is used to cook food on the stove or a grill. It is designed to have a relatively small surface area and low depth, so it can be easily moved around and not interfere with the flames. Grills are typically placed over an open flame source such as charcoal or wood. This allows for controlled, slow cooking at lower temperatures than most other methods of cooking

Differences between Aluminium, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel

The best grill pan to buy in 2022 is made out of cast iron. It is durable and able to conduct heat evenly. If you do not want to use a cast iron pan, aluminium is the next best option. Aluminium is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel pans are also a safe alternative for your grill, as they do not react with acidic ingredients such as tomatoes and vinegar. Aluminium is a lightweight and durable metal, but it may rust easily. Cast iron is a heat-resistant material that can be used on the grill or in your oven. Stainless steel has many benefits over cast iron and aluminium. It doesn't rust easily and can withstand high temperatures better than other materials. However, it is a more expensive material to buy.

Top 4 Brands of Grill Pan

It is difficult to pick a brand that will produce the best grill pan. Each company has its own unique selling point and many other brands claim their own products are better than those of other companies. Here is a List of Top 4 brands of Grill Pan:

1. Jean Patrique The Whatever Pan

Jean Patrique The Whatever Pan

The Whatever Pan is the perfect kitchen tool for grilling just about anything. It has a unique shape that allows you to flip foods in every direction, cooking from both sides and achieving a nice, crispy exterior. Its surface also distributes heat evenly so that your food cooks more quickly. One of the newer cooking technology, grill pans were first invented in the 60s. The first grilling pan was made from a piece of sheet metal that had been burned out during a fire. In the 70's, cooks began to use cast iron and other materials to create a more durable cooking surface for their traditional grills. Nowadays, most home cooks have switched over to having an electric grill on their patio or outside. Grilling pans are used to cook food that is stuck to the pan such as burgers and steak. They are also used for delicacies like vegetables and shrimp.

2. Calphalon Premier Hard Anodized 11-Inch Square Grill Pan

Calphalon Premier Hard Anodized 11-Inch Square Grill Pan

A grill pan is an essential cooking tool. It is perfect for cooking food on, like a steak or chicken. However, it has many functions that make it useful in many other ways. A grill pan can be used to sear meat, bake bread, or even slow-cook vegetables. Calphalon makes the best grill pans and they are made of durable and hard anodized aluminium. The 11-inch square shape allows you to cook multiple things at once. Calphalon is a well-known brand in the world of cookware. Their pans are designed with nonstick surfaces that make cooking easy, fast, and efficient. Calphalon pans have a lifetime warranty making them a solid investment.

3. Staub Enameled Cast Iron Pure Grill

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Pure Grill

The Staub Enameled Cast Iron Pure Grill has a five star rating on Amazon. The product is made of cast iron so that it heats up evenly, which in turn creates perfect grill marks. This product also has a lifetime warranty against defects and a lifetime guarantee against rust. Furthermore, the grill has an adjustable grilling rack and a lid with steam venting to prevent water from building up inside the pan. Staub is an enameled cast iron grill. It has a rugged black finish that doesn't fade and stands up to high heat.

4. Anolon Advanced Home 11-Inch Deep Square Grill Pan

Anolon Advanced Home 11-Inch Deep Square Grill Pan

Anolon Advanced Home 11-Inch Deep Square Grill Pan is a great option for those who prefer to cook over the grill. It features a nonstick coating that doesn't require any cooking spray, oil, or butter. This type of coating allows the food to get a golden brown color without sticking to the pan and burning. It also has an adjustable damper control on the side of it that will keep heat even. The Anolon Advanced Home 11-Inch Deep Square Grill Pan is a versatile and durable pan. This model is made of nonstick coated ceramic material, which means that it is easy to clean up and use. The ceramic material also provides even heating so that food stays warm while cooking. This pan also has a built in handle for ease of use and an ergonomic design for comfortable use. -Anolon

Size Comparison: Oven Large (12x18), Small (14x16)

Best Grill Pans are mini ovens with a flat bottom and electric coil heating rods that can attain temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. They are perfect for grilling, baking, or broiling. Size Comparison: Oven Large (12x18), Small (14x16)

Cookware Materials: Aluminium vs Lodge Grills

There are many different materials used for the construction of cookware, and it can be difficult to choose the best one. Aluminium is a great material because it is lightweight and strong. It's also easy to clean and you won't have to worry about rust. The downside is that aluminium cookware has a metallic taste to it. Lodge Grills are also an option, but they don't work with induction stoves because of the built-in grates on the cooking surface.


A recent study conducted by the American Dietetic Association revealed that cooking food on a grill pan can be healthier than using other methods. With the extra fat and grease, it's easy to burn food and cause smoke, which is a carcinogen. Using a grill pan eliminates these risks and provides a healthy cooking option. The best grill pans are made with durable stainless steel or aluminium, as well as nonstick properties for easy cleanup.

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